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Our first discussion, and this first discussion focuses on one annoyance...Igor the Mii!

Everyone knows Igor the Mii, and he is annoying as heck. Profanity and lots of ranting, along with walls of text, will be allowed to rant about him. I think we should focus on:

  • his hypocritical nature, which I will explain later
  • his harrassment that he magically gets away with
  • his shitty clique that stops him from getting banned
  • how he never gets banned in spite of anything
  • his immaturity, perverted actions and overdramaticness
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Flutterbutter wrote:
Bubble, you're being ignorant. You got extremely upset about a forum similar to this one that Igor made about you. That forum ended up costing him his position. What makes it okay for you to do the same to him? His was harassment and so is this one.

You want to talk about cliques and breaking rules? Look at yourself and fix the problem there first. You're almost as bad as he is and this entire wiki itself is a clique so where's your argument? Also, as i said earlier, this wiki is a clique and there are more than one clique that doesn't like igor. His fight is at least 2 to 1. It's not just his cliquestecting him, it's people who want him banned being incompetent about how they do so. This forum is a good example. This wiki and forum are breaking the wiki apart much more than any forum allowed on our wiki. All you're managing to do is break rules and make people upset. Just because you're not an admin doesn't mean you can't be blocked. Also, at this point, you're only negatively affecting the wiki. If you truly didn't care, you wouldn't help or even try to help us let alone mention that in your argument.

The point of said blog was to harass me, nothing else. This forum is made to resolve a problem called Igor. Flutter, you're on the wiki for less time than I and you're probably unaware of how toxic he is. Also, how could this be supposed to harass if Igor wasn't supposed to know here? This is a forum post intended to give reasons to report Igor.

What rules? They exist? Wasn't they supposed to decorate the wiki? I never saw them being enforced on anyone besides people the wiki don't like.

Igor being banned isn't all about helping the wiki, it's because he needs to. He broke the ToU more than anyone else and it's here just because nobody ever reported him.

Calling igor an issue and/or problem is basically harassment. Especially since he's upset about it. Regardless whether igor was or wasn't supposed to find out about this he did and it wouldn't have been right in the first place.

Length on the wiki doesn't matter if you're going to this level of harassment to rid yourselves of a user. If you really wanted keep this on the down low, you'd have reported him for reasons obvious to you.

Honestly, a lot of users on there shouldn't be there. Igor just made the biggest boom because he was an admin. The rules exist and it's not just igor who breaks them. If you want to complain about rules not being enforced, you don't have to harass a user to do so. Plus, complaining about the lack of enforcement isn't something to argue here.

You've also broken ToU along with a majority of the wiki. Of he should be banned, so should you.

I supported igors demotion because he harassed others. I'm not about to support someone going against him with the exact same methods.

Woooowww. Really people?

I created this wiki so that we could peacefully talk about our problems without Igor and his clique jumping on in to destroy the flow of conversation. This is why we didn't create a forum on the fanon wiki.

Igor, how the hell did you even find this place in the first place? The only way you could've found this is by stalking someone who has made an edit on this wiki (which causes that wiki to appear on the list of "My Favorite Wikis", unless there are already four wikis on the list), and going to their profile.

We didn't report him because most of the shit he did was in chat, and wikia doesn't accept screenshots.

And Flutterbutter, as per your request, I have removed you from the whitelist. You can stop getting notifications from this thread by going to the top and clicking the "Unfollow" button.


So, basically, you girls are trash-talking about Igor past actions? About what he already apologized? About what isn't his fault, but he still ( as always ) takes the blame?

That's disgusting.

About rape, I agree, it's terrible, but he only did it once, and feels bad for doing it. About the sex slaves AU, it was made by Perimaru as a joke, but Igor took it serious and expanded it, and regrets doing it. About boobs, what the actual fuck are you guys saying? Everyone likes boobs, what you said doesn't make any sense. About being annoying, everyone is annoying sometimes.

Cookie, I never expected you to do something so stupid and dumb like this. You're disgusting. You pretend to be someone nice and funny, who tries to bring justice to everyone, but it looks like you're just gambling.

Since Bubble is all about saying and being trash, I already knew she would do something like this. As always, she's a cry baby, always ready to whine about anything, specially about how people dislikes what she proposes and about Igor. What she say may be true, but not in the value she says - she exaggerates a lot.

Crystal, this isn't the first time you're harassing someone. I think being butthurt about everyone's errors isn't a good idea. Control yourself, you're not trash, neither disgusting, just control yourself and you're OK.

A lot of people now dislikes Igor because of you guys, isn't that already satisfying? I know he harassed others as well, but are you guys THAT immature to do the "an eye for an eye" thing?

SenpaiX wrote: The only positive point I see in this thread is moving the drama away from YSF.

That was my intent on creating this wiki.

Lyn, I made this wiki so that nobody would have to discuss any of the issues over on YSF, and instead talk about the issues on this wiki so that we don't end up bothering anybody over there. One of those issues happens to be a majority of Igor's current actions.


Lyn, I'm not a cry baby and I don't know, an probably never will, why you don't like me anymore. We're trying hard to be peaceful but it's always ruined by actual crybabies.

I don't care if people dislike or like Igor, I want him to pay for what he did and that's my goal, I'm not stopping because he is upset, remember when I was upset? They posted emoticons all over the thread and insulted me like hell. If they can, I can as well, and I ain't even doing that.

Please leave this wiki, it's a private place for us and you aren't welcome here, at least for me.


Ok, Crystal. BTW, thanks.

I'm not staying here. I just wanted to express my opinion about this thread, not about the wiki itself.

Obviously Bubble, you won't assume the truth if it's about you. Understand, you changed. You left me behind, you showed me what our friendship was to you - an empty hole, a waste of time. I tried to defend you from users a lot of times, I tried to talk to you, have a friendly conversation with you, but you didn't even care about it.

Don't reply.


I never left you behind, I just don't usually show affection for others. Why do you think that? I always considered you a good friend of mine.

I'm not really someone who hear others, you're not the only one and that's a defect on me, sorry if this affected you this way, it's wasn't my intention.

I'm closing this thread now. We were peacefully talking, then Igor decided to stalk people to find this place and destroy the flow of conversation.

This wiki will die now.